The Heritage Poultry Breeders Educational Foundation’s mission is to create a community of passionate Heritage Poultry breeders – enabling sharing, educating and developing a knowledge base needed to improve and restore Standards breeds to their original purpose.


Matt Hemmer, President


Matt has over 30 years in business management experience.  As a member of a rapidly growing family business, Matt has been involved in all aspects of business management; including Sales Management, Operations Management, locating and growing new facilities and/or locations.  Matt has also spent a great deal of time mentoring young managers.  Matt has started multiple small businesses and coached others through the process.

In recent years, Matt has turned his passion to breeding quality heritage chickens on his ranch near Lindsborg, KS.  Matt is currently six generations into breeding Welsummers and Faverolles, plus four generations into a breed restoration project with Erminettes.  During this time Matt has done extensive research regarding poultry breeding, genetics, nutrition and housing.

Jeff Mattocks, Vice President


Jeff has over 20 years’ experience working with Organic, Pastured, and Sustainable Agriculture. He is actively involved in diet formulation for all types of livestock and poultry for organic and sustainable farmers. Jeff also assists and educates farmers with better management practices increasing animal health, productivity and return income from poultry and livestock. His education includes local farmer meetings, speaking at conference workshops, hosting field days and conducting field trials on controversial feeding methods.

Over the past few years replicated field trials to show the comparison of Soy vs. No Soy broiler feeding trials to see what the isoflavone content differences and growth comparison would be.  He is always striving to learn and understand more about how to keep poultry and livestock healthy, productive and profitable.

Erin Angulo, Treasurer and Secretary

Erin Angulo has been involved with volunteering and working with non-profit organizations for over 30 years. She has always had an interest and desire to make our planet a better place and help protect endangered animals. In 2013, she and her husband chose the Delaware breed of poultry – a bird that is listed as “threatened” on the Livestock Conservancy website.

With over 5000 chicks sold in the last 3 years, Erin has strived to improve the Delaware breed back to the Standard of Perfection using strict culling and selection. With a business background, Erin is able to apply her fiscal and organizational skills to those groups she serves.

Karen Johnston, Member at Large

Karen ‘s first job growing up was at a full-service pet store in the Chicago suburbs, her second job was at large veterinary practice in the Atlanta suburbs. Karen and her family currently own a busy pet boarding facility in Apex, North Carolina. In 2013 Karen extended her obvious lifelong interest in animals to chickens. Coming from the world of household pets and their long-term health, Karen quickly realized that in the poultry world, the genetics of the poultry you invest in, is the very first step towards a long and humane life for your birds.

To that aim, Karen began on a small-scale mission to breed productive, hardy chickens that are well adapted to the local environment. She is intent on increasing uniformity and conformity to the APA Standard of Perfection for both her SC Rhode Island Reds and Black Australorps, continually striving for an easy to raise, long-lived and productive flock.