Heritage Poultry Breeders

Our mission is to create a community of passionate Heritage Poultry breeders – enabling
sharing, educating and developing a knowledge base needed to improve and restore Standard
breeds to their original purpose.


We believe that in order to restore these breeds to their former purpose they must be selectively bred to a written standard, such as the Standard of Perfection.


We believe that an important element of restoring Heritage Poultry involves educating potential breeders, consumers and the general public to the value of these unique breeds.


We believe that good husbandry practices are essential to the growth and development of Heritage Poultry. We also believe that the health and well-being is of utmost importance for any animal for which we choose to take responsibility.


We believe in providing these birds with optimal nutrition, suitable for Heritage Breeds, to allow them to reach their highest potential.


We believe that when raised humanely and responsibly, Heritage Poultry deserve to fulfill its original purpose becoming healthy, high quality, incredibly flavored food.

We Support

The Livestock Conservancy